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Medicine used


Paracetamol: Paralen 500 mg (pain and fever)

Ibuprofenum: Brufen 400 (pain, fever, and inflammation)

Mucoactive agents

…aid in the clearance of mucus or sputum from the upper and lower airways…


Erdosteinum: Erdomed (225 mg, works great: mucolytic, anti-adhesive, anti-inflammatory)

Acetylcysteinum: ACC LONG (600 mg, works: mucolytic)

Cough suppressants (antitussives)

Butamirati citras: Sinecod (50 mg, works)


Xylometatazoline: Otrivin (1 mg/1 ml, works)

Skin problems

Acidum salicylicum, Fluorouracil: Verrumal (5 mg/g, 100 mg/g, warts removal)

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